The Wises Were Wrong
Song information
AKA The Wisest Were Wrong
Album Vermillionth
Musician Aliceffekt
Released June 2nd, 2011[1][2][3]
Genre Industrial Tek
The Wises Were Wrong
File information
Level number 1673
Step artist nois-or-e
Release date April 1st, 2012
Song length 3:23
Difficulty 94
Notecount 1687
NPS 1 to 38
Category Token

The Wises Were Wrong (also mistakenly known as The Wisest Were Wrong) is a song by Aliceffekt released on the album Vermillionth. The intro (or buildup) leading to the song is actually a separate track called This was recorded live at the Kinetik Festival in 2011, which might give you an idea of where and when the album was recorded.



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