Lover Reef
Song information
Composer Howard Drossin
Jun Senoue
Masaru Setsumaru
Masayuki Nagao
Sachio Ogawa
Tatsuyuki Maeda
Tokuhiko Uwabo
Tomonori Sawada
Yoshiaki Kashima
Musician D-Lux
Geoffrey Taucer
Jillian Aversa
Shonen Samurai
Released March 18th, 2006[1]
Genre Pops/Game Remix
Lover Reef
File information
Level number 1092
Step artist Silvuh
Release date July 23rd, 2008
Song length 2:51
Difficulty 42
Notecount 1116
NPS 1 to 13
BPM 120[2]
Category Arcade

Lover Reef is a collaborative cover by D-Lux, Geoffrey Taucer, Jillian Aversa, Shonen Samurai and zircon of the song Lava Reef Zone: Act 1 from the game Sonic & Knuckles. The song is currently credited in-game to 5 OC Remixers.



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