Birth name Chris
From Greenville, RI, United States
Joined October 2005
Website(s) FFR300  FFR Profile

hi19hi19 is a longtime FFR member, known for his stepfiling capabilities. In late 2014, he was designated part of the development team as a user experience designer.[1][2]

In-Game FilesEdit


Date Tournament Division Result
July-September 2012 7th Official FFR Tournament D5 39th place
January-March 2013 8th Official FFR Tournament D5 67th place
October-December 2013 9th Official FFR Tournament D5 23rd place
October-November 2014 10th Official FFR Tournament D5 2nd place
December 2014-January 2015 DC's 1st Post-Official Team Tournament Extravaganza D6 2nd place


FFR Forum AwardsEdit

Year Category Result
2011 Up and Coming FFRer 1st
Best FFR Simfile Artist 2nd
FFR Gamewhore 2nd
Best Signature 3rd
2012 Best Avatar 2nd
Best FFR Simfile Artist 3rd
2013 Best Signature 1st
Best FFR Simfile Artist 2nd
Best FFR File for Heterochromia Iridis 2nd
Favorite Poster 3rd
2014 Best Avatar 1st
Best Heavy File for Full Mast 1st
Best Challenging File for Doppelganger 1st
Next Admin 2nd
Most Underrated Poster 3rd
Best FFR Simfile Artist 3rd
Best Light File for Caelumize [Standard] 3rd
Best Heavy File for Arianrhod & Capoeira Sundance 3rd
2015 Best FFR Simfile Artist 1st
Next Mod 1st
Best Challenging File for OWA Raged at Home Run Derby 1st
Best Heavy File for Wood Man (Megaman 2) 2nd
Best Heavy File for Crow Solace 3rd
Best Challenging File for Title (Double Dragon) 3rd



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