Birth name Jake
From Corona, CA, United States
Joined September 2012
Websites FFR300  FFR Profile

In-Game SongsEdit

In-Game FilesEdit


Date Tournament Division Result
October-December 2013 9th Official FFR Tournament D6 18th place
0 credits
September 2014 Red Blaster's Timebomb Tournament D6 5th place
? credits
September-October 2014 Psychoangel691's One Division Higher Tourney D6 14th place
0 credits
October-November 2014 10th Official FFR Tournament D6 26th place
0 credits
November-December 2014 gstarfire's All Skill Tournament D6 4th place
0 credits
December 2014-January 2015 DC's 1st Post-Official Team Tournament Extravaganza D6 4th place
44,110 credits
March-April 2015 TSR's Doubles Tournament D6 DNF
0 credits

Tournament DonationsEdit


FFR Forum AwardsEdit

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