Get on the Move
Song information
Album Electric Dreams 2
Musician Antinomie
Released 2001[1]
Genre Euro Dance
Get on the Move
File information
Level number 2
Step artist Synthlight
Release date October 23rd, 2002
Song length 3:03
Difficulty 6
Notecount 357
NPS 1 to 6
BPM 138[2]
Category Legacy

Get on the Move is a eurodance style song created by Antinomie for his Electric Dreams 2 album in 2001. Located in the Legacy Genre, it is a 6 in difficulty on the 1-99 scale and a 3 (Novice) in difficulty on the 1-20 scale.

The song and chart was submitted to FFR by Synthlight and was released to the public on October 23rd, 2002, as the 2nd song to ever be uploaded to Flash Flash Revolution. The file itself contains a unique 'Get Ready' screen available in a few other select Legacy songs, and features flashing green squares in the background as a gimmick. This song also has blue note syndrome as with all other Legacy songs, and contains some off-sync notes due to early frame conversions.

Tips & Tricks to TacklingEdit

This section may contain some terminology for discussion patterns. Try visiting the FFR terminology page for help on reading this section.

The majority of this file lends itself to the raw beat of the background electronic sounds, which also happens to be the most prevalent noise during the song. The biggest issue for players is trying to maintain focus on hitting the notes and getting past the gimmick of animated green squares in the background.

The song also contains some jumps that are also off-sync from the song, so pay extra close attention to exactly how you're hitting the notes when they come up to the receptor, they may not always be in tune with the music.

In terms of actual notes in the song, the hardest patterns consist of tight jacks near the beginning of the song. Because of the way the notes were placed, it makes it a bit more difficult than regular jacks due to being off-sync. After getting past this part, the majority of the issue lies in some grace notes to jumps near the end of the song.



Song ScreenshotsEdit


Basic notes found will be slow 8th beats to the sound of the electronics.


Tight off-beat 16th jacks near the beginning of the song.


A unique Get Ready screen in a select few Legacy songs as well as a green square background gimmick.

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