CIA Rave
Song information
Musician DJ Ascent
Genre Electronica
CIA Rave
File information
Level number 98
Step artist TheKillerBigMac
Release date January 29th, 2004
Song length 1:59
Difficulty 46
Notecount 1060
NPS 1 to 12
BPM 160[1]
Category Legacy
CIA Rave v2
File information
Level number 263
Step artist Silver_Brian
Release date March 15th, 2007
Song length 1:58
Difficulty 12
Notecount 545
NPS 1 to 7
BPM 160[1]
Category Token

CIA Rave is a song by DJ Ascent originally submitted to be reviewed for inclusion on December 4th, 2003[2] (under the name eyespewgreekfire). The first stepfile made by TheKillerBigMac was sent on January 24th, 2004[3] and finally publicly released on January 29th from the same year. A second version was created by Silver_Brian and released on March 15th, 2007.

AAA playthroughEdit


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